30 Social Media Hacks


1. The best tweets are relevant and get multiplied, and they can even be planned for. @olisnoddy of Twitter

2. Attention is steered by the visible crowd: If one person looks up in the street, 40% also look up, 5 people looking up will mean 80% doing the same. If youre clever you can steer the crowd. @olisnoddy

3. 15 million people are on Twitter in the UK, 80% accessing it from their mobiles.В @olisnoddy

4. Use everyday moments to grab attention its not just about major events like Wimbledon. @olisnoddy

5. Real-time moments are connected moments, live moments and everyday moments. @olisnoddy

6. Use Vine to answer the regular things your customers ask you. @olisnoddy

7. Get your name involved with others in your market. Eg Nokia tweeted about the similarity of the new colourful iPhone 5s to their smartphones. @olisnoddy

8. Optimise TV ads using hashtags and cross-promoting products. @olisnoddy

9. Have a look at Cadburys & Fords Google+ pages to see how well they use it @adrianoaccardoВ of Google

10. You can share whole photo albums on Google+ to just one person if you like. @adrianoaccardo
11. How to use Google+ hangouts to build content? Watch what Clinique does.В @adrianoaccardo
12. Build your presence on Google+ (create a personl profile, create a page, customize your page, verify your page, use custom urls.)В @adrianoaccardo

13. Engage with your audience on Google+ by posting, sharing, hangouts and events. @adrianoaccardo

14. Promote your social message beyond the stream (let your customers do the promoting thereby increasing your reach.) @adrianoaccardo

15. Measure the impact of your Google+ campaigns with social reports in Google Analytics. @adrianoaccardo

16. Need to know the best time to post a tweet? Use your own data! (Followerwonks a good start.)В @jennita from Moz

17. Use BufferApp to space out your tweets. Take the information from Followerwonk to give it the best times to tweet. @jennita

18. Twitter has its own basic Analytics tool, accessible from Twitter Ads. Not everyone has access to it yet, but will do. @jennita

19. PageLever gives you data on whats currently happening on Facebook (Facebook doesnt). @jennita

20. SimplyMeasured gives lots of free information on when users are posting on Google+ and when people are commenting on your posts.В @jennita

21. Test the timing of your blog posts, Twitter posts, Facebook and Google+ posts. You might find major improvements in traffic, comments and shares. @jennita

22. Use Bitlys analytics (enterprise) to find out not only whos clicking on your links. @jennita

23. Moz gets most of their engagement from photos on Facebook by posting more photos, the engagement on their links posts also went up. Try text posts as well. @jennita

24.В True Social MetricsВ is another good social media measuring tool. @jennita

25.В Sprout Social can show you the reach of your tweets (rather than just the number of direct retweets). @jennita

26. Schedule Google+ posts on Sprout Social (you can do this on BufferApp now as well). @jennita

27. Use Google+ Ripples to find out how and when Google+ posts are shared. You can watch the timeline live on it. @jennita

28.В Followerwonk can tell you what was happening at the time people unfollowed you on Twitter @jennita

29. Figure out what works, then test again. @jennita