Best Keyword Research Ideas from Twitter

Keyword Research

Keyword research is just one form of insight. Dont forget about the rest. @stefanjhull

Think insight rather than trying to find the killer keyword. Insight includes; persona insight, competitor insight, customer insight, industry insight, keyword research, content, asset reviews, forecasting, search behaviour mapping, listening, user research, marketing plan reviews and influencer research. @stefanjhull

Take a step back from specific keywords to look at the broader picture. Keyword research is only one part of insight. @stefanjhull

Mindmap search behaviours all the different ways people can interact with a brand. Its easier to share this information than on a massive spreadsheet. @stefanjhull

Dont focus on the converting keyword, but on the things that will lead to us finding the converting keyword. @stefanjhull

Not every website visit is equal users dont just visit once and convert customers dont only convert once. @stefanjhull

How to analyse and track better in Google Analytics:

User segmentation for multi-session analysis not everyone has access to it at the moment. Lets you look at the visitor rather than the visits.

Universal analytics to sync online and offline data and improve lead generation.В In beta at the moment. Although re-marketing not currently included, it will be coming, as are many other useful features@darafitzgerald Fresh Egg

Multi-channel funnels @darafitzgerald

Trial Universal Analytics in Beta but more to follow. @darafitzgerald

Analyse cross-session behaviour with user segmentation. @darafitzgerald

Use MCF and Attribution Modelling tools to understand paths to conversion and full channel contribution. @darafitzgerald

Run remarketing campaigns based on visitor data from Google Analytics. Target the ones that got away. @darafitzgerald

Start the move from single visit metrics to lifetime value. @darafitzgerald