Grow Your Email List in 10 Easy Steps

Why do you need to build as large and targeted an email list possible?

Simple. Out of all your online marketing activities, email campaigns generate one of best returns on investment.

Average email campaign performance:

  • Click to open rate: 14.72%
  • Clickthrough rate: 3.16%

That means that youre communicating with just under 15% of your subscribers, even if they dont click any of your links. Youre also keeping yourself in front of your target market and making sure people dont forget about you.

Of course, the more subscribers you have, the better. How can small businesses get them?

1. Create a Good Impression

The first impressions of the website your visitors arrive on are enormously important. If it looks spammy, or its very slow, if there are mis-spellings or grammatical errors, theyll bounce right off. Getting these basics right will get you off to a great start.

2. Content

Ill not say too much about content, as its been said a million times over in other articles. Of course, it needs to be consistently good, and the kind of content that keeps people coming back for more.

However, it also needs to be very targeted. Forget about appealing to the widest possible audience. Keep in your minds eye who your ideal customer is and what solutions you can solve for them when youre scheduling and creating your content. And find out the kind of content theyd like to see by:

3. Make it Easy to Sign Up

Andy Crestotinda reports that Orbit Media saw a huge 750% increase in newsletter signups when they changed their newsletter signup from a link to a very simple box


4. Easily Make a Sign-up Form

Email marketing companies like Mailchimp and AWeber make it easy to incorporate a sign-up form onto your site. With AWeber you can choose a template for your form – unfortunately this isnt the case with Mailchimp.

5. Keep to the Four Ps


That same Andy Crestotinda recommends keeping in mind the Four Ps when it comes to more detailed signup forms:

  • Prominence: Dont be shy scatter them round all your web pages.
  • Promise: What benefits will your subscriber get when they sign up to receive your emails? (keep to your promise).
  • Proof: A testimonial or the number of subscribers who have already signed up.
  • Privacy: A promise that your visitors email address wont be shared with anyone, plus a link to your privacy policy if you have one.

6. Be Annoying


Email sign-ups that jump out at you after a few seconds and grey the page are known as “evil pop-ups” in Mailchimp, and for good reason in many cases.

7. Sign-up Form Placement

As Ive mentioned, dont be shy in placing your forms. Have them on every page.

Use a hello bar at top of your page and add to the top of a right hand column, at the very least. There are also footers, under blog posts and other strategic places to consider.

8. Offer a Perk

Whether thats a discount, a coupon or news of an upcoming sale, added value is a fantastic incentive for people to sign up to your emails.


9. Add an Image to Your Sign-up Form


If youre offering an e-book, have an image of it. Or include a professional picture of yourself if youre a trustworthy-looking individual. We all respond to a good image so it makes sense to test them out.

Beware, a bad image can have a negative effect.

10. Your Sign-Up Page

If your visitor ends up on a separate sign-up page rather than a form, thats alright, (although you should have those in-page forms as well).

If you have a separate page, make sure most or all of the key elements are there that will convince your visitors that its going to be in their best interests to take the plunge and subscribe.