4 Most Effective Marketing Ideas

Advocate marketing

And theyre powerful people. 83% of these superstars are more likely to share information than your typical web user. And a substantial 70% of people who have recommended at least one company or product online have done it for 5 or more of them. 16% of them have recommended a whopping 15+ products or services. That means there are people out there who, having had a good experience with your company, will shout it to the rooftops and be very pleased to do so.

(Thanks to Marketwire for sharing the Bzzagent study that the statistics in this section come from)

Even though brand or consumer advocates arent necessarily those that spend the most, expect their influence to wield great financial rewards by their influence over others purchasing decisions. They don’t expect a reward in return the reason half of those questioned in the survey recommended something was simply because they had a good experience, and another 37% just like to help others out.

This hasnt stopped some companies paying for advocates but in the long run this may well create real trust issues for your company. Why should you believe a thing any of a company’s followers say ever again when the people who are advocating them are being paid for it?

Goals in Brand Advocacy

Create them: It starts with clearly defining your company’s goals, according to Forrest Research Analyst Tracy Stokes. Then:

Find them: They do their work online but they’re not likely to provide feedback on your business’s site they’re more likely be talking on social media and posting reviews on Amazon, Yelp, consumer forums and the like.