Use Google Analytics for Top Results

Bid on your brand name have it in a separate campaign. Its going to be cheap and its going to convert well. Itll help with your overall QS (quality score). @koozai_tara of Koozai

Use modified broad match. Youll discover lots of keywords that youll not find in your AdWords keywords tool. Building up impressions faster. @koozai_tara

Location bid adjustments are the most important of the new features in Google AdWords for local business. @koozai_tara

Exclude locations in bid adjustments if they dont work. Dont let them lie there. @koozai_tara

Schedule ads so that theyre only showing at the times you know you perform well. @koozai_tara

Mobile bid adjustments dont use them if you dont have a mobile site. If you do have a mobile site set mobile bid adjustments at ad group level. @koozai_tara

Use weather bid adjustments if your business gets affected by weather. @koozai_tara

Use AdWords scripts it automates processes and makes them cost effective. @koozai_tara

Remember to set a cap on your monthly spend on AdWords (as well as your daily budget). @koozai_tara

Use ad extensions location extensions are the most important for local businesses @koozai_tara

Others are review extensions still in beta but coming soon. @koozai_tara

Set call extensions to count as a conversion when the calls gone over eg 30 seconds. That excludes callers who are just phoning to ask for your address etc. Schedule your call extensions so that it doesnt count when youre not in the office. @koozai_tara

Offer extensions free site reviews, free whitepapers etc you can use in an offer extension not just discount offers. They can increase the clickthrough rate by 15%. @koozai_tara

There is no killer keyword anymore, its much more important to look at the reasons WHY people are searching. @stefanjhull of Propellernet